Medium Temperature PEM FC - materials, stacks and systems

2nd and 3rd December 2014 in Freiburg, Germany

Scope of the workshop

The European project EURECA develops the next generation of μ-CHP systems based on advanced PEM stack technology. The idea is to overcome the disadvantages of complex gas purification, gas humidification and the low temperature gradient for the heat exchangers in a heating system. EURECA will develop a new stack generation based on PEM technology with operating temperatures between 90°C and 120°C, thus results in a less complicated and therefore in a more robust μ-CHP system with reduced costs. The development of a new stack generation includes various parallel working tasks, addressing material optimization, catalyst development, stack design, simulation of specific project parts as well as the validation of a MT-PEM stack and finally the complete μ-CHP system. In this workshop the partners will present their work and furthermore, comparable work will be presented by several invited speakers. The main focus of this workshop will be the marketable status of Medium Temperature Fuel Cell Systems.

Tuesday 2nd December 2014

08:30    Registration

09:00    Welcome

09:15    Introduction to EURECA
              Efficient Use of Resources in Energy
              Converting Applications    
              Alexander Dyck, NEXT ENERGY, Germany

Session 1: Membrane-Electrode-Assembly for MT-PEM Applications

09:35    Material Requirements and Challenges for Medium Temperature PEM FC
              Deborah Jones, Université Montepellier II, France

10:05    Effect of reformate and CO content on PEM FC Performance at medium
              Arnaud Morin, CEA, France

10:25    Interactive anode catalyst supports and catalysts with improved CO
              tolerance for MT-PEM FC
              Vladimir Nikolic, University of Belgrade, Serbia

11:00    Recent catalyst development at Tanaka
              Koichi Matsutani, Tanaka, Japan

11:30    Experiences in MT-MEA series production
              Igor Cantero, CEGASA, Spain

11:50    Discussion with all  lecturers

Session 2: BPP, Stack Development and Characterisation

13:20    Metallic bipolar plates - An opportunity for MT-PEM applications?
              Joachim Kroemer, Borit, Belgium

13:50    Graphitic bipolar plates and gasket concepts for MT-PEM Fuel Cells
              Isabel Kundler, Eisenhuth, Germany

14:10    Materials and process simulation in Fuel Cells
              Anastasia Petsi, FORTH, Greece

15:00    PEM FC stack operation under reformate and higher temperatures
              Sylvie Escribano, CEA, France

15:30    Progress of MT-PEM stack development
             Steffen Theuring, inhouse, Germany

15:50    PEMFC specific stack analysis
              Thomas Jungmann, Fraunhofer ISE, Germany

16:10    Discussion with all  lecturers

17:00    Lab tour at Fraunhofer ISE

19:30    Workshop Dinner

Wednesday 3rd December 2014

08:30   Poster Session

09:00   Welcome

Session 3: System Development and Application

09:15    PEM Fuel Cell Systems with high CO tolerance
              Markus Perchthaler, elcomax, Germany

09:45    Progress of MT-PEM system development
              Christoph Hildebrandt, inhouse, Germany

10:10    CHP based test profiles for MT-PEM stacks
              Nadine Jacobs, NEXT ENERGY, Germany

10:45    Current status and challenges in µ-CHP cost assessment: the ene.field
               Sara De La Serna, Element Energy, UK

11:15     EURECA specific cost assessment
              Alexander Dyck, NEXT ENERGY, Germany

11:35    Discussion with all lecturers

12:20    Closing remarks

12:30    Goodbye-Snack

13:00    End of the workshop

Registration and Workshop Fee

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